What all will I need in order to
play these levels on my N64 console?

-An N64 console (duh!)
-2 or more N64 controllers
-Goldeneye game cartridge
-Gameshark v3.2 or v3.3
-An N64 RAM expansion Pak

The RAM expansion pak is needed in order to activate more than 15 lines of code on your gameshark (most levels consist of 240-250 lines of code). You can pick one of these up dirt cheap on ebay and can easily install it into the top of your console.

How do I enter codes into my gameshark?

You have 2 choices - either by hand or by computer. Entering 1500+ codes by hand will take you many tedious hours. In order to enter codes by computer, you will need a copy of GSCC software, a parallel port on your computer, a parallel port cable, and a gameshark v3.2 (which are quite rare). If you have a v3.3 and the LED light on the front of it does not light up (and most do not) then you cannot transfer codes from your computer in this way. I have discovered a relatively complex method for transfering codes to a gameshark v3.3, but this method requires additional software, an N64 controller memory card, Windows 98, and a gameshark v3.2. Take a look at the GAMESHARKS section of this website if you wish to simply buy a fully loaded gameshark so you don't have to mess around with code entry.

Why did the makers of goldeneye not include similar
multiplayer levels with the original game?

Well, there are several reasons. First, multiplayer levels were a last minute idea and implemented very late in the development of the game, so not a lot of time was spent on implementing these. Second, and more important, certain larger levels tend to lag (jumpy framerates) when loaded in multiplayer mode. In order to correct this, I have implemented many different tricks in my hacked levels, including closing off portions of levels (used to some extent in nearly every hack), closing unnecessary visible portals (such as the very top of frigate where you cannot walk anyways), and shrinking the amount of time which doors are open (such as in the bottling room). In the end, I thoroughly test each and every level for framerates on console. With the exception of only VERY FEW specific circumstances/player placements (which results in barely noticable lag), these levels play on console with no noticable lag and play just as well as any of the original levels.

Why do these levels take about 15 seconds to load?

This is because each stage loads and overwrites another stage's setup. Without getting into the technical details, all I can say is that you'll just have to sit and wait. 15 seconds isn't too long to wait, is it? Besides, you can jam to classic goldeneye tunes while you're waiting for your stage to load!

Why does the game sometimes
freeze just before loading the level?

Gamesharks can be flaky sometimes. They weren't really designed to write 251 different codes to memory, but they are capable of doing it. Once in a great while the game will freeze just prior to loading the level. If this happens, just shut off your N64 console, wait a few seconds, turn it back on, and try again.

Why won't the Depot Backzone or
Archives Courtyard load in 4-player?

The original depot is a huge level and consumes too much memory when loaded, so it just plain won't load 4-player. The Archives will sometimes load 4 player. For some reason its just picky. If it freezes try again, eventually you will get it to load.

What are the numbers in ( ) in the codelist
found after Part 1 of the level title?

These numbers represent the number of lines of code that an entire level uses (be sure to choose all 4 or all 5 parts of the level you want to play). The maximum number of total codes is 251. If a level uses fewer than 251, then you can use other codes at the same time, such as 64 characters.

I want to hack goldeneye. Where do I start?

I'm not motivated enough to write a lengthy tutorial. Designing and then hacking multiplayer levels is not easy and takes much time, patience, and learning. If you really want to try it, my best advice is to read through some of the older threads at the hacking forum on goldeneyeforever.com. There's plenty of good information there to get you started.