Welcome to the all new goldeneyehacks.com!
Last Updated 4/15/08
Resurrected on 11/14/12

Over the past year and a half or so, I have created 8 new multiplayer maps including:
-Science Lab (facility hack)
-Bottling Room (facility hack)
-Facility Midzone (facility hack)
-Depot Backzone (depot hack)
-The Courtyard (archives hack)
-Aztec Bay (aztec hack)
-Cuban Jungle (jungle hack)
-Destroyer (Frigate hack)

Each level consists of approximately 250 gamesharks codes (for a total of about 2000 lines of code) and is playable on the N64 console with a gameshark or on the PJ64 emulator.

-Check out the Multiplayer section for codes and screenshots for each level.
I have also recently finished my first mission hack - The Library. This was created using the new Goldeneye Setup Editor. You really have to see it to believe it.

My current project involves creating a 12-level, all-in-one, multiplayer pack which is playable on emulator and online. I have finished 7 GE-original based levels as well as one level created completely from scratch - The Courtyard.